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Progressive Instruments now has King Engineering products available as of May 9,2013. 


Air Filters

  • Ensures Reliability of Pneumatic Components

  • Completely Removes Oil, Water, and Particulate

  • Dual Cartridge Design for Longer Service Life

Now you can have, "ultra clean compressed air for packaging, fluidics, laboratory, and instrumentation." 



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Progressive Instruments


Provides Spring, Pilot Operated and Modulating Pilot Relief Valves.

  •  Snap acting and modulating options available
  • API Orifice sizes "D" through "T"

  •  Air and gas applications

  • Replaceable O-ring seals

  • Meets API 526 and API 527

  • Meets API class 150 through 2500 flange ratings


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Come see us today at the 11th Annual Plant Engineering, 
Inspection, and Maintenance Trade Show at the 
Pasadena Convention Center!

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More information on how to attend the ISA Golf Tournament.

Progressive Instruments would like to invite you to learn how to be a part of the ISA Golf Tournament

 ISA Scholarship Golf Tournament

 Where:  Kingwood Country Club

 Date:  April 12,2013

 Time:  Noon

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Learn more about how Progressive Instruments help companies like you at the event, as well as having a great time golfing with fellow professionals in the industry. 

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Come see us Thursday (4/4) at the Pasadena ISA Trade Show! There will be food, drinks, and great door Prizes! Contact us for more information and tickets!

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 Application Engineers for Progressive Instruments, Jake and John!   

Progressive Instruments product line literature! Visit to find out more.........

Progressive Instruments provides Instrumentation &Controls, Integration, and Analytics!

Located here in Houston!! Phone:  832-467-1420

"Maximize our customers' facility performance and safety, while reducing operational costs."

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Progressive Instruments at the ISA Shrimp Boil in Houston!

Progressive Instruments informing customers about how we help out customers here in Houston!
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